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is looking for interpreters for starting new web services.
Request languages are:

English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese/Brasilian, Turkish and others.
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We develop an innovative business. Through the affiliation agreement you earn a percentage coming from the commission on your clients insertions.

And you have the chance to reach:

  • Immediate profits. For each package sold the affiliate earns a commission; he is recognized by a partner code that will distinguish him in every moment on our WVB® platform: business plan, import/export e joint-venture.

  • High profits. You have a 10% commission on any package sold.

  • Certainty. A partner code, given by WVB®, identifies those insertions made through the affiliate net and therefore calculating the commission.

  • Higher lever of your services. The affiliate is able to assist its client thanks to the international liaisons WVB® has.

  • Professional growth. The affiliate has the opportunity to exchange opinions with colleagues around the world.

  • Possibility to grow in the WVB® network: Every affiliate, after the three months trial could become Local Partner (LP), and sign a franchising contract to start a closer relation also under the legal point of view.

Our administration ensures to LP a financial control on every payment and gives commissions WVB offers LP an instrument to verify their success from the very first day on a protected area; place in which one can check how the selling is going.

Our LP will be guided from the beginning of the cooperation. They will have a toll free international number and support for them and their clients.

We will transfer our LP any knowledge related to WVB system, giving them also our strategic marketing support.

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