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WVB: your business community for the internationalization of SMEs.
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is looking for interpreters for starting new web services.
Request languages are:

English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese/Brasilian, Turkish and others.
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Our company operates since 1989 in business consulting to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), favouring them in their internationalization process.

In 1998 we recognized that the internet was causing an epochal turn around towards SMEs favouring them to weave their trades, financial, technological liaisons with other enterprises around the world; benefits, up to that moment, of large industries only.

The growing attention of the enterprises to the advantages of the internet, the potential opening up of new markets, the need to find new professional figures who could help enterprises to interact with this new opportunities and needs, convinced us to create World Video Business - WVB.

Therefore we are so certain World Video Business - WVB can give these benefits to SMEs worldwide, that we focused all of our experience and competence on this business creating an apposite technical and commercial structure based on valuable, internal and external, human resources.

I.M.P.R.E.S.A. S.r.l.

P.zza San Nicolella 6/a 95124 Catania - Italy
Tel. +39 095 326031
Fax. +39 095 314091

E-mail: customer@worldvideobusiness.com




Our mission is to accelerate your success!

  • Because, through our affiliates and local partner, we are able to reach numerous local realities in the world.

  • Because, through our conventions, we are able to have access to data banks containing various companies names throughout the world.

  • Because we personally take care of your partner search without leaning on the insertion itself as the answer to your needs.

  • Our services are particularly intended for those who have a small and medium size enterprise (European parameters) that want to expand their activity focusing their attention abroad in order to widen their turnover and find new markets.

    What we want to be our difference from our competitors is the consultancy activity that expresses itself by studying Your features and considering the characteristics of Your field of activity.

    After You posted Your ads our first interest is that of finding a potential Partner, helping You to quickly find the match to what you posted to our attention.

    We have no doubt on our service outcome that we decided to guarantee your satisfaction or Your Money Back!

    No promotional flattery that may say a lot but might guarantee nothing!

    Not only do we put our work at stake, but we concretely commit ourselves to find the partner you are looking for.

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